Medical services

The Therapeutic section offers wide range of treatments mainly for prevention, rehabilitation, aftercare of different operations, preserving of sportsmen’s physical condition and besides the medical services different beauty treatments can be reached.
The treatments should be enlisted after a medical examination, in the right order and by the illnesses and personal requirement needs.
A rheumatologist is granted in the spa who you need to ask an appointment for.
Reception desk phone number: +36 49 548 416
Opening hours H-P 7:00-18:00
  • bath tubes with thermal, sulphurous and herbs water
  • hydroxeur
  • carbonated bath
  • light therapy
  • magnetic treatment
  • mud-pack
  • parafango treatment
  • complete and partial electric bath
  • electro-therapy treatments
  • underwater massage (tangentor)
  • inhaled treatment
  • physical exercises in the gym and under the water
  • refreshing-, sports- and reflexology massage
  • weight-bath
  • weight-bath pool
  • exercise pool
Hungarian citizens from all over Hungary can enlist the treatments for free of charge having a medical recommendation.
Services like massage, tangentor, electro-therapy and beauty treatments are available on spot without medical recommendation, by personal need upon charge.
Further information:
Nemectron is a leading manufacturer of electro medical devices. The company's origins are closely connected to the development of the stimulation current therapy which is mainly applied in physiotherapy, sports medicine and pain therapy also for those who have metal implants or prosthesis. Their product range also includes therapeutical ultrasound appliances, devices for short and micro wave therapy and for the treatment of psoriasis, tennis elbow, golf elbow and tendonitis.
In the gyms different fitness machines support your recovery.
A special device called SAMSON can be used for treating paralysis, permanent immobility, and muscular dystrophy after plaster fixation; useful for healthy muscles, muscle relaxation, prevention of thrombosis and cosmetic purposes.
Usage of electro-therapical devices for cosmetics:
  • cellulite curing
  • enhance fat burning
  • body toning
  • skin rejuvenation
  • reduce wrinkles.
Inhaled therapy helps in treating chronic respiratory diseases.
Laser machines assist in treating not only musculoskeletal and dermatological diseases, but in leg ulcers, acne and herpes.